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Is Governor Arnold the most highly paid actor in the history of American motion pictures as he has claimed? No! The most highly paid actor in the history of Hollywood is the western superstar Tom Mix.
In 1920, he used to earn as high as $20,000 a week plus a big cut. He was the “model for the dandyish, squeaky-clean movie cowboy that was much parodied in later years.” Signing on with the Fox Film Corporation in 1917, the studio found for him the role that would catapult him to stardom: The Untamed. In other words, Mix was a role model. Really? On screen or in real life? Well, Mix was neither a role model, nor a hero, or the clean cut All-American specimen. The studio marketed him as a great horseman, a valiant soldier, a bona-fide hero. In reality, Mix was a deserter, not an exceptional horseman, but a horse thief. The studio presented him as a former Marshall, a Texas Ranger, a hero in the Spanish American War, an intrepid who charged up San Juan Hill with Roosevelt’s Rough Riders and a rider with Pancho Villa. All these claims were false. They are the fabrication of Hollywood.
In fact, Mix deserted his military post at Fort Hancock, New Jersey, he was court martialed, and sent to prison when they caught him stealing horses. He was as phony as Rudolph Valentino.

Hollywood is falso, and 80% of its Latin Lovers are equally phony!

To give you an idea how phony Hollywood was: The studios presented Rudolph Valentino (Italian) and Ramon Novarro (Mexican) as the essence of masculinity, the savvy, dashing passionate and exotic macho-men, and nicknamed them “The Latin Lover”, while in real life, both Valentino and Novarro were notorious bisexuals. In fact, Valentino before he became a cinema legend, was a male prostitute, a “lounge lizard”, a professional gigolo, and a dancer for hire in Manhattan, New York. He was arrested twice, and charged for male prostitution. He was caught in the act at Mrs. Georgia Thym brothel.


The tabloids called him the Italian Tango dancer who “wore corsets and a wristwatch”, two items considered un-manly at the time. Two hookers and an Italian friend bailed him out! Worth mentioning here, that when Valentino became a famous star, Hollywood’s studios made his criminal record and dossier disappear from the New York City police files. All the women he lived with and/or married (Acknowledged four; all left him without regret) were notorious lesbians and bisexuals like him, to name a few: Jane Acker who slept with Alla Nazimova who slept with Natasha Rambova who slept with Gloria Swanson who slept with Pola Negri who slept with Joan Crawford who slept with Marilyn Monroe. All his marriages were “Lavender marriages.” But Hollywood’s deceit did not stop with Valentino and Novarro. In his early films, Antonio Moreno (A Spanish-born actor/director import) often played the Latin Lover too; in real life, he was bisexual.
In the 1920s and early 1030s, the vogue for the exotic Latins (as opposed to Latinos) like Valentino, Novarro, Moreno et al proved so popular among female cinemagoers, that actors actually concocted phony identities to pass, such as Jewish actor Jacob Krantz who was reborn "Ricardo Cortez." When people found out he wasn't actually Spanish, he tried to claim that he was at least French, which also proved untrue, according to Amoeba. Valentino landed in New York where he worked for a while as a dancer and obtained a certain local fame. It has been said that during this period he also was a gigolo and that he had judicial troubles for prostitution-related matters.
He next joined an operetta company that soon disbanded in Utah; from there he reached San Francisco, California, where he met the actor Norman Kerry, who convinced him to try a career in cinema, still in the silent era. After a dozen films, that made him quite famous, in 1919 he was married for a few hours to Jean Acker (1893-1978), a part-Cherokee film starlet who was a lesbian; the marriage was reportedly never consummated and they were divorced in 1923. He then achieved full success in films in 1921 with "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse". On May 13, 1922, in Mexicali, Mexico, Valentino married actress Natacha Rambova. This resulted in him being jailed for bigamy, since his divorce from Acker was not yet final. They remarried a year later.